About Us


A4 Consultants is a group of professionals with long years of experience in different fields of human resources management, training and development, organizational development, management, health, media and employment laws and A4 Consultants  come with commitment to provide one stop services in the above areas.  


A4 Consultants with its group of experts in different discipline has a very rich background in both the commercial and development sector.   It’s core group of consultants come with many years of rich experiences in different organizations ranging from development organizations, development agencies, universities, pharmaceuticals, financial institutes, embassies, consulting firm, legal institutes, and health institutes to multinational organizations.      


In Bangladesh most of the organizations in different sectors  start off with an ad hoc approach and build up the policies and practices in all the functional areas as they go ahead with the business.    While these businesses have mostly done a good job over the years in terms of earning profit or achieving their operational targets, there has been an acute need of appropriate system, policies and procedures to deal with different issues in administration, procurement, human resources, finance and accounts.  There is a lack of system and structure in place to promote employee motivations, ensure transparency in employee dealings, and manage employee performances, employee development and other related issues.   A4 Consultants brings in modern management approaches to assist these organizations introduce and institutionalize the rules and regulations, policies and practices. 




                                                   Brief Presentation of A4 Consultants