Ø Setting up Human Resources Department – Based on the organizational plan A4 Consultants help set up Human Resources Department starting from recruitment of the Human Resources Professional, providing necessary training, developing different essential policies and formats and commencement of HR Department.   



Ø Strategic Human Resources Planning – A4 Consultants develop Strategic Human Resources Planning for the organization based on its Long Term Plan, with an emphasis on succession planning, training and career planning.    



Ø Recruitment Policy & System Development – A4 Consultants develop ideas and systems to identify, attract, acquire and retain best match of skill mix for the organization.      



Ø Leave Policy Development – A4 Consultants facilitate development of leave policy in line with the business need and within the legal requirement, including computerized leave management system to monitor leave status and absenteeism.     



Ø Job Evaluation – A4 Consultants designs and conducts customized  job evaluation exercise for organization.   



Ø Compensation & Benefit – A4 Consultants provides services to develop a competitive Compensation & Benefit Policy to help retain good employees of the organization.    



Ø Salary Survey - A4 Consultants conducts salary survey for different organization with a focus to design and develop a Compensation Package which is competitive in the respective industry.  



Ø Human Resources Information System - A4 Consultants assist in developing and implementing comprehensive Human Resources Information System which helps in total HR planning, management and accurate documentation of all aspects of human resources functions such as personal records.  HRIS works as the prime tool to analyze all the aspects of HR Metrics.  



Ø Job Description – An incumbent must know what s/he is supposed to do. A4 Consultants provide assistance in developing appropriate job descriptions in line with the different functions of the organization and which can be implemented practically.  



Ø Performance Management – A4 Consultants develops and implements customized performance management system for different businesses to ensure optimum and fare utilization of human resources. A4 Consultants also utilize the performance management system for extensive training need assessment of individual.   


Ø Career Management – A4 Consultants assist in developing career management programme with emphasis in succession plan based on the Strategic Human Resources Planning along with individual career aspirations.