The Training & Development Wing of  A4 Consultants, A4 Institute of Human Resources Development (A4-IHRD) is working towards development of professionals in different disciplines to build up their related skills and competencies. A4-IHRD follows a comprehensive approach to meet the demands of upcoming era to give a competitive advantage at work place. In this regard the core courses offered are as follows:   


1.        Fundamental Human Resource Management & Development  

2.        Advanced Human Resource Management & Development  

3.    How To Conduct Job Analysis and Develop Job Description

4.        How To Handle Disciplinary Proceedings 

5     Training Program On Advocacy "Don't Just Advocate- Market!" 

   6.    Employment Law & Compliance

   7.    Basic Marketing Techniques

   8.    Communication – How it Leads to Success 

   9.    Leadership Toolbox

 10.    Project Management

 11.    Research Methodology

 12.    MS Office 2007 and user essential on Windows 7

 13.    Excel of Microsoft Office 2007 (Level 1-Beginner)  

 14.    Excel of Microsoft Office 2007 (Level 2-Intermediate)  

 15.    Excel of Microsoft Office 2007 (Level -3)  

 16.    Excel of Microsoft Office 2007 - Advanced Level

 17.    Managing IBM Lotus Domino 8.5 Servers and Users

 18.    IBM Lotus Notes 8.5: Mail and Calendaring for Beginners  

 19.    IBM Lotus Notes 8.5: Databases

 20.    Microsoft 2007 Word Introduction

 21.    Microsoft Word 2007 Intermediate

 22.    Microsoft Word 2007 Advanced

 23.   Training on Bangladesh Labour Rules

 24.   Training on Bangladesh Labour Law Act 2006 and Bangladesh Labour Rules 2015 

 25.   Training on Research Methodology


Recently A4-IHRD has added the following international program, which is conducted by Mr. Shariar A Karim from  Mumbai, India.  He is the International Training & Development Advisor of A4 Consultants:  


 1. Empowerment Program 


In addition A4-IHRD also designs and conducts customized courses for different organizations on the following topics: 


 1.     Team Building   

 2.     Total Quality Management 

 3.     Business Communication Skill

 4.     Interpersonal relationship 

 5.     Managerial Skill 

 6.     Negotiation Skill  

 7.     Organizational Behavior 

 8.     Presentation Skill 

 9.     Stress Management 

10.    Time Management  

11.    Gender Sensitivity Training

12.    Peace & Conflict Management

13.    Corporate Social Responsibility

14.    Train the Trainers

15.    Art of Writing

16.    Procurement





In this regard A4-IHRD devise Training Need Assessment Tool and conduct Training Need Analysis for smooth and appropriate delivery of training program. After the Training Program is conducted A4-IHRD also helps organizations to follow up and monitor the training output in line with the individual performance.


These training courses give an opportunity for the participants to learn about different functions of business management and then observe the implementation of those functions through practical exercises in different organizations.   These courses give a unique opening to understand the connections of different functions to help advance the organization toward its vision.


The training programmes are conducted by experienced & seasoned practitioners, having very strong and rich professional background in both commercial & development sector. Experienced Guest Speaker from different areas share their experiences and expectations – which will give an excellent platform for the trainees to develop themselves according to the need of the time.




A4-IHRD has Successfully completed Training Programs on:


1.       Fundamental Human Resources Management & Development - 4 Batches 

2.       Advanced  Human Resources Management & Development  - 1 Batch  

3.       How to Handle Disciplinary Procedures – 3 Batches 

4.       Effective Business Communication for Managers of BRAC Bank Ltd. – 9 Batches